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We are designers from all over the world who voluntarily help teachers to create captivating presentations from their materials. Our purpose is to reconnect people through design, art, and education during the COVID-19 pandemic and afterwards.

Someone needs you right now!


Maybe your favorite highschool teacher or a university professor you have never met before.

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Ginkgo Teacher
Ginkgo Designer

There are creative professionals in the Ginkgo community who would like to give back to society. What a chance to create amazing online presentations for your students!

Hello Teachers!

Ginkgo Teacher
Ginkgo Designer

Hey Designers!

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Can Design Change

the World?

Ginkgo’s Community Makes Sure It Can!

Recommended project components:

Transforming Offline Presentations to Online Experiences...

Let’s create some awesome stuff tailored for online lectures!

… Like Prezi Video Presentations

Video chat or online presenting? Now you can do both at the same time!

Concept Visualization

Say bye to bullet points or long texts and welcome captivating visuals!

Content Digitization

Feel free to sketch, scan or to capture photos of printed resources. The Ginkgo community will transform them into online presentable versions.

Presentation Redesign

A bit more dedication to collaborate worth grabbing the attention of students.

New Illustrations

Original artworks can spark up any educational materials.

Animations and Motion Graphics

Bring visuals and student’s attention into life!

Presentation Templates

From biology to mathematics, from primary school to university, great templates in any softwares are more than welcome!

Technical Support

Navigate through best practices and solve technical challenges in 1:1 sessions.

Spark up education with the coolest presentations ever created for classrooms!

"A graphic designer is a machine that turns coffee into beautiful, functional imagery."


Learn More
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You are not alone!

Ginkgo Team by Presonate will help you become a presentation designer!

Ginkgo Parachutes

Not sure how to transform graphic design works into well-crafted visual stories?

Join webinars, small group online workshops watch tutorials offered by Presonate’s multiple award-winning presentation design team and other experts of the community. We will show you techniques to help you create awesome content for teachers all around the world.

How it works for...


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